Gold Medals

The criteria for the Gold Medals of EFS is presented below

Gold Medals are awarded to individuals who have made a major contribution into European Sexual Health including sexual medicine, sexology and sex education and/or involvement in sexual politics and policy making over at least a decade.

Criteria for the Gold Medals

The following criteria should be met:

  • The nomination should be submitted by a bona fide paid up Association or Society of the Federation. Each Association or Society can make one recommendation per round and will be given at least three months notice sent to the last address registered for annual subscriptions.
  • The recommendations are submitted to the Gold medal Chair (, General Secretary ( President of EFS ( After the closing date (15th may 2020) the nominations are passed to the existing holders of the Gold medals. When this number exceeds 8, a subgroup of previous gold medal holders and a chairperson will be agreed.
  • The recommendations for awards (maximum of 4 in any 2 year period) will then be fed back to the executive committee for endorsement. There may be additional medals awarded in exceptional cases.
  • The Executive committee can make further recommendations if less than 4 are submitted by the paid up associations or societies
  • The nominees should have the following characteristics:

1. Be a member of an EFS Association or Society
2. Been working in the field of sexual medicine, sexology, sexual education or sexual politics and policy making for at least 10 years.
3. Be based within Europe.
4. Have, or have held, a relationship with the European Federation of Sexology and within the European movement of sexology.
5. The nominee will be in good standing.

Below is a picture of an EFS gold medal:

Gold Medal Winners

Abraham George (Switzerland) - 2006

Bergstrom Wallan Maj-Briht (Sweden) - 2004

Caruso Salvatore (Italy) - 2014

Crowe Michael (UK) - 2014

Giuliano François (France) - 2014

Gomes Francisco Allen (Portugal) - 2010

Haeberle Erwin (Germany) - 2004

Incrocci Luca (The Nederlands) - 2012

Kontula Osmo (Finland) - 2010

Nijs Piet (Belgium) - 2012

Palha Antonio (Portugal) - 2008

Pasini Willy (Switzerland) - 2006

Porto Robert (France) - 2016

Simonelli Chiara (Italy) - 2008

Slob Koos (The Nederlands) - 2008

Stulhofer Aleksandar (Croatia) - 2016

Sungur Mehmet (Turkey) - 2014

Weiss Petr (Czech Republic) - 2012

Wylie Kevan (UK) - 2008

Zuckerman Zvi (Israel) - 2010